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Huawei unveils HarmonyOS 3, an improved version of its Android alternative

Huawei has just presented HarmonyOS 3. This third version improves connectivity between the brand’s devices, optimizes performance and is enriched with new privacy options. We take a look at what’s new.

Huawei has just lifted the veil on Harmony OS 3, a new version of its operating system based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project). As a reminder, the first iteration of HarmonyOS was presented in 2019, a few months after the American sanctions decreed by Donald Trump. As a result of these restrictions, Huawei is no longer allowed to install Android and Google suite applications on its smartphones. This is why the company has accelerated the development of its alternative, in the boxes since 2012.

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What’s new in HarmonyOS 3

HarmonyOS 3 has a host of new features. First there is an improved version of SuperDevice, the system that allows devices in the Huawei ecosystem to communicate with each other. In particular, it is possible to display the screen of a smartphone on a computer or to easily transfer documents. Twelve categories of devices can now be connected, including headphones, printers, smartphones, headphones and even smart watches.

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A simple interface allows you to see which devices are currently connected. Simply drag an icon representing one device to another to establish a connection. For example, you can display the content of any terminal, such as a watch or a telephone, on a screen signed Huawei. With version 3 of the OS, this system allows easily share mobile data from a smartphone with a tablet or computer.

Another novelty, Super Device now supports household appliances, such as refrigerators or hobs. Products from several third-party brands are included in compatible solutions. In the same logic, HarmonyOS can be added to certain cars, which makes it possible to display content on the dashboard from a phone. This Android Auto alternative is called Smart Cockpit.

This functionality has been at the heart of the brand’s operating system since its genesis. Huawei has indeed developed HarmonyOS as a complete ecosystem capable of work in perfect harmonylike its rival Apple.

harmonyos 3
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With HarmonyOS 3, it is also possible to connect two wireless headphones / earphones simultaneously to a smartphone or tablet. Huawei has also improved performance. The brand promises in particular that the speed of launching applications has increased by 7%. To reduce power consumption, Huawei offers Super Frame game engine. This feature reduces fuel consumption by 23%especially by containing the energy monopolized by the graphic rendering.

The update also marks the arrival of new customizable widgets. It is possible to add colors, text or stickers, and change the shape to personalize the home screen of your devices. Huawei also allows similar shaped widgets to be stacked to save space.

Huawei harmonyos widgets
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Finally, there is an instant subtitle system, like on Google Pixels, and several options dedicated to privacy. Huawei explains that it keeps a complete history of when an application accesses the geographical position, the microphone, the camera, the contact list or the files stored on the memory.

HarmonyOS 3 also has a tool that monitors “ security risks, viruses and abusive behavior to detect and deter malicious applications ». He can moreover remove sensitive metadata when sharing a photo, such as the time, date, device model used or location.

What devices are compatible with HarmonyOS 3?

As expected, HarmonyOS 3 on smartphone is reserved for Chinese users. During the presentation, no release date for the rest of the world was announced. Since 2019, the manufacturer has been reluctant to deploy its interface on phones around the world. Outside China, smartphones still run on EMUI, the brand’s Android overlay. However, the operating system is available in Europe on other products. HarmonyOS is available on tablets and smartwatches.

In China, HarmonyOS 3 will be offered on the MatePad Pro tablet 12.6 inches (2021) and on the Huawei Watch 3 range, connected watches. The update is currently available in beta. The deployment of the stable version is scheduled for next September on the Chinese market. It is not known when the OS will arrive on tablets and watches sold in Europe.

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