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Huawei MatePad SE: Specs, Price, News

The world of tablets has experienced remarkable progress in recent decades. The avenue of new technologies and design techniques has had a big impact on the features of these devices. Tablets today are super smart and capable of performing various tasks at once. This is particularly the case of Huawei MatePad SEa rather special device.

Credits – MI

Indeed, the MatePad SE has a “top of the line” which makes it ultra-efficient and allows it to keep up with the competition. More details on this marvel of Huawei !

The main features of the Huawei MatePad SE

The Huawei MatePad SE has been announced in April 2022 and has been available on the mobile market since May 10, 2022. It is characterized by:

Processor Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 710A
Operating system Harmony 2.0
Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixel FHD
Density in proportion 16:10 (224 ppi)
RAM memory 4GB
Internal storage 64 GB – 128 GB
LCD screen 10.1 FPS
Battery 5100mAh Lithium
Camera 5 megapixel HDR

Introducing the MatePad SE

Huawei’s first tablet model was released in 2021 with a special operating system: Harmony OS 2.0. The MatePad SE for its part is the third product of the Chinese firm to opt for this system to date. The system seems to have conquered the users, which would explain the fact that the firm opts again for this marvel.


The MatePad SE retains the shape of other Huawei tablets: swe seem to be getting closer to the MatePad Pro release in 2020. Its back is matte and prevents the phone from slipping once on an unbalanced stand or even in the hand. It – always on the back – also includes a photo sensor and the logo of the Chinese manufacturer. Otherwise, borders located at the front of the MatePad SE are carefully reduced. Its front sensor is located at the right angle of the tablet and is not protected by a punch.

As you will have understood, it is not easy to use the front sensor in portrait mode given its location. The device’s 10.1-inch display takes up more than 79% of the total front area. On the right, we find a volume controller to boost the sound coming from the different elements (loudspeaker, microphone, keys). Similarly, 3 microphones are placed on the side, including: one above the ignition button as well as the two speakers, and the other two are located on the lower part, also integrating a USB Type-C port.

Credits - MI
Credits – MI

The right side only has a microSD graphics card. It is characterized by: its height of 240 mm, its width of 159 mm and its thickness of 7.8 mm. Despite these dimensions, MatePad SE weighs just 450g. For complete and modern connectivityHuawei has integrated into the MatePad SE: Bluetooth 5.1 with low energy consumption, compatible Standard Wifi and browsers (GPS and GLONASS). With this connectivity, the MatePad can be easily paired with other devices such as:

  • computers;
  • helmets;
  • video projectors;
  • Smartphones;
  • the tablets.

Finally, the eminent MatePad SE has dual SIM compatibility that only takes Nano chips.


The MatePad SE has a 10.1-inch screen large enough to ensure visual comfort. It offers a definition of 1200 x 1920 pixels, all supplemented by IPS-LCD technology. Also, thea MatePad SE has a frequency 120 Hz display : it adapts proportionally to the mode of use. With such a definition, you have excellent visibility regardless of the content to be displayed.

Plus, if you like games that require landscape mode to run, the MatePad SE has you covered. In addition, Huawei tablets generally have very good brightness. The MatePad SE can in fact be easily used in bright light with a brightness of around 520 nits.

Battery and charging

With her Lithium Polymer technology not removable and its intensity of 5100 mAhthe battery of the MatePad SE offers satisfactory performance. Clearly, you can go out without dragging the charger with you every time. Better, depending on the mode of use, you can also benefit from a day’s autonomy.

Credits - MI
Credits – MI

Otherwise, it takes about 2h 30 minutes to see the battery reach 100% thanks to its 10 watt load block that accompanies the battery.


The processor is a very important component for the choice of a mobile phone. It is one of the most stressed elements in a system and can even be compared to the human brain. That of the Kirin 710A of the MatePad SE is manufactured by Huawei’s house with a frequency of 2.2 GHz and Octa-Core type. The MatePad SE chip has 4 GB RAM memory, more than enough to make the tablet work perfectly. In fact, you have nothing to fear if you want to launch several programs at the same time: the SE is able to process nearly 2.6 billion data in one second.

MatePad SE camera

The development of tablets in recent decades is very remarkable, especially in photography. The quality of mobile photography is now a major selection criterion. All mobile manufacturers are fighting to have competitive hardware, Huawei is not on the sidelines. Indeed, the MatePad SE offers a single 5-megapixel photo sensor (f/2.2) accompanied by a flash.

The shots taken with this device during the day give a satisfactory rendering while the night renderings remain very little usable to date. Otherwise, the front module meanwhile is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera. Note that it is not easy to take a selfie given his size. Nevertheless, it is a perfect tool for video calls, video conferences… especially in landscape mode

MatePad SE interface

Huawei integrates its own operating system into the MatePad SE. It’s about of Harmony OS 2 which was officially launched in June 2021. No surprise, the MatePad SE does not have Google services, but is based on the open version of Android. Harmony’s mode of operation is very similar to iPadOS. In the end, the MatePad SE is renowned for its design, its finish and its very pleasant operating system to use. The MatePad is one of the best high-end tablets these days.