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How tycoon Stuart Wheeler’s daughter learned to love Tangier

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As a child, Sarah Wheeler and her sisters, Jacquetta and Charlotte went every summer to Dar Sinclair, a villa built by their maternal great-grandfather, the British architect Jack Sinclair in the city of Tangier to spend the summer holidays there. These were not pleasant times for the teenager. “I hated the food, the weather. I thought it was dirty. I was a little English teenager,” she says. Same reaction from Stuart Wheeler, his father. While crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, the pioneer of Forex trading and the CFD industry complained of a “too hot” climate. His mother, the famous photographer Tessa Codrington, who inherited Dar Sinclair when she was in her twenties, magnified the house, recounts The New York Times.

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As an adult, Sarah changes her perception of the city of Tangier. After the death of the English fashion show producer Johnnie Gairdner, a close friend of his mother, who had bequeathed to her his dilapidated house, Lalla Yenou, located near the house of Dar Sinclair, Codrington had proposed to his daughter to decorate the house. “My mom asked me if I was interested in decorating Johnnie’s house, but I told her I would only do it if it was mine,” she says. Her mother agreed, on the condition that Sarah cede her future share of Dar Sinclair, which had become a superb villa, to her sisters (by then Jacquetta was already a well-known model). So she inherited Johnnie’s house.

She moves into the Lalla Yenou house which was in danger of ruin. With the help of the Milanese landscape designer and novelist Umberto Pasti, she transformed the house. Subsequently, she built a second building there with the help of the architect Cosimo Sesti and Pasti. Today, she feels more comfortable living in Tangier than in London. She simply feels at home.