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How to switch to the new Gmail interface – Geeko

At the end of July, Google announced the gradual rollout of the new interface for its messaging service. It has been possible to test it since last February.

The new Gmail interface offers several changes. First, Google apps are integrated into the main menu of Gmail. Then the menus of some applications are displayed in the collapsible panel. The user is informed of new messages received in chats or spaces via notification bubbles and can point to the icon of each application to preview new activities without changing context. Finally, it is possible to display or hide the side panel. To find out more, it’s right here.

Here’s how to take advantage of it.

You have to start with click on “Settings”at the top right of the home page.

Then under “Quick setup”click on “Try the new Gmail view”.

Last step: select “Refresh” in the new window.

To deactivate the new display, just follow the same path. At the top right, click Settings. Then, under “Quick settings”, click on Return to the original Gmail view. And finally, in the new window, click Refresh.

Note that the interface is in full deployment, but is not yet installed by default for all accounts.

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