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How to pay less for your Netflix subscription – Geeko

At nearly €20, a Netflix subscription becomes a luxury. Fortunately, there are many ways to pay less for your subscription, in a totally legal way.

Family sharing

€15.99, does that seem a little too expensive to take advantage of the services? Nothing prevents you from sharing your subscription with your loved ones, and in this case your parents, brothers and sisters, if you feel like it, as long as you live under the same roof or at least occasionally share the same place of residence. . Many users break the rules unwittingly by sharing their account with friends or sometimes distant acquaintances, dividing by two, three, four the price of the subscription. The bad news is that they will soon see the price of their subscription increase. The grouped formula will however remain advantageous, with the addition of a user which should be invoiced around 4€.

Sharing with a third-party app

Several mobile applications now allow you to share your subscriptions with total strangers. This is the case with Spliiit in particular, which offers premium access to Netflix Premium for €5/month. The offer is advantageous, and if Netflix has not expressed itself on the bundled offer, we suspect that these formulas do not appeal to the streaming giant.

Theoretically, however, nothing prevents you from subscribing to one of these formulas but be careful because there is no guarantee that the offer will remain active and above all, for those who pay the basic subscription, you must share their accounts with strangers. This implies that they can browse without your profile, potentially modify your list of favorites and change certain options. There’s also a good chance that Spliiit subscriptions will also see a boost in a few months, when Netflix introduces “additional paid users”.

Abroad subscription

Finally, nothing prevents you from subscribing to Netflix from abroad, if you have a main or secondary residence abroad. Netflix does not apply the same prices for its subscriptions in all countries. There is therefore a way to save a lot of money by subscribing to it from abroad.

Be careful however, the use of a VPN for taking out a subscription from abroad is theoretically prohibited. The use of a foreign account permanently in another country is also prohibited. Also remember that in Europe, your Netflix subscription now follows you abroad. This means that you will not have access to a local catalogue, but to the catalog of the country where you have subscribed, which raises obvious questions in terms of copyright.

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