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How to know if your smartphone is overheating – Geeko

Appearance of bugs, high case temperature, low battery, overall lack of fluidity, error messages… There are many signs that tell you that your device is overheating. Here’s how to spot them.

Heat, intensive use of a smartphone for a certain period of time or excessive charging are all elements that can be destructive for the device. Thus, to find out if your smartphone is overheating, you have to analyze the processor, which allows the device to work well, and the battery, which keeps it awake.

If the phone is slower, freezes and has recurring bugs, it’s probably that the processor has taken a heat stroke. For example, if heat is coming from the front of the display, it could be related to the phone’s CPU or GPU. Another clue: the back of the phone is abnormally hot when charging. This means the battery is overheating. In some cases, an alert message even appears on the screen to warn the user.

For its part, Apple indicates that it is possible for a device to become hotter during the initial setup of the device, restoring from a backup, wirelessly charging the device, Using apps, games, or features that are CPU or graphics card intensive or watching high-quality video streaming.

In case of overheating, it is best to put your device in airplane mode and put it in a cool place. Indeed, all connections, whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS, consume a lot of battery. It is also possible to restart it. To learn more about techniques to prevent your device from overheating, it’s here.

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