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How to get coins and points in FIFA 23?

FIFA Points and FUT Coins are the two types of currency that can be found in FIFA 23. But how do you get them exactly?

The official release of FIFA 23 is scheduled for this Friday, September 30, on all platforms! As soon as it is released, all players who have purchased the game or who are subscribed to EA Play will then be able to test it and enjoy it.

As in previous games, it will be possible to use FIFA Points to obtain packs or participate in Ultimate Draft. FUT Coins will also be returning, allowing you to obtain items on the Transfer Market. But how to get these Points and Coins in FIFA 23 ?

How to get FIFA Points and FUT Coins in FIFA 23?

Get Points in FIFA 23

There are three different ways to get points safely in FIFA 23:

  • In the FUT shop
  • In the store of your platform
  • With the retailer physical cards which you can get in exchange for FIFA Points and through trusted retailers

These FIFA Points will be used in the FUT store to buy packs and other items, but also to participate in Ultimate Draft.

Get FUT Coins in FIFA 23

Regarding Credits, it is totally not recommended to buy them or send them to a friend. These practices are against the rules established by EA, so you will have to win them in the game! To winmany techniques exist:

  • Play FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) matches
  • Earn rewards in modes like Rivals and Team Battles
  • Sell ​​items or players at a reasonable price on the Transfer Market

This way, you should be able to get Coins easily in FIFA 23. Above all, remember not to buy, offer or receive Coins from another player!

Published on 09/26/2022 at 17:38

By zilliz