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How to choose your VPN?

We hear more and more about VPN, but do you know what it is? First of all, let’s dissect this acronym. VPN for Virtual Private Networks in English, can translate to virtual private networks in French. As its name suggests, its role is to encrypt and protect your data when you connect to the Internet.

This online security program encrypts the servers you connect to. Thus all your data, whether personal or banking, are protected from hackers. Whether you’re using your own Wi-Fi or an unsecured hotspot, VPN keeps you and your data safe. Simply put, the VPN makes you anonymous when you connect to a remote server. This program assigns you an IP address different from yours so that your online activity remains safe from unwanted people or organizations. If one had to illustrate the VPN, one could compare it to the lock on your front door.

With the demand increasing, VPN providers are constantly expanding. It is then more and more difficult to find the best VPN, adapted to your requirements. In this article you will find many tips for choosing the right VPN. We will also introduce you to 4 reliable suppliers!

Our selection of VPNs:

– NordVPN: optimal security without compromising on speed

– Surfshark: unlimited number of devices

– Cyberghost: the best value for money

– PureVPN: ultra-efficient for streaming

Optimal security without compromising on speed with NordVPN

NordVPN is by far the best known VPN service on the market. Launched in 2012 by 4 cybersecurity enthusiasts, NordVPN quickly made a name for itself. The company is constantly evolving to offer its 15 million customers the best possible performance. In 2020, NordVPN launches NordLynx, its own protocol for connecting to its servers. Advantaged by a simple and complete interface of its application, NordVPN allows you to choose a country to connect to it with a single click, a particular server or the location of a city. In any case, NordVPN will always offer you the most optimal server. NordVPN also has the advantage of being responsive and connecting almost instantly to chosen servers.


+ Ability to connect to peer-to-peer servers and specific Tor network servers

+ Several possible subscriptions according to your needs

The lessers

– NordVPN does not offer dedicated streaming servers

→ I buy NordVPN: optimal security without compromising on speed

Unlimited number of devices with Surfshark


Despite its recent arrival on the market, SurfShark has managed to find a place among the biggest. Indeed, this VPN offers you a complete service through an application that is easy to use and compatible on all media. Using a powerful algorithm, SurfShark encrypts your data and hides your IP address to make you invisible online. For more security, the VPN offers you MultiHop servers allowing you to pass your data through 2 different VPN servers. Thanks to its large network of servers located in the four corners of the world (more than 3200 servers in 65 countries), you will now be able to unblock restricted sites in certain geographical areas.


+ SurfShark protects an unlimited number of devices

+ Attractive subscriptions

The lessers

– Slow torrent speeds with Surfshark

→ I buy Surfshark: unlimited number of devices

The best value for money with Cyberghost


Cyberghost is a known and recognized VPN in the world of cyber security. Based in Romania, Cyberghost was born in 2004 with a free version. Very quickly, the service adapted to the market by becoming chargeable. No less than 38 million users have won over the brand’s intuitive interface. Once installed, the application allows you to connect to an optimized remote server or according to a chosen destination. Wishing to make your life easier, Cyberghost allows you to connect directly to servers optimized according to its use. For streaming, it will offer you foreign VOD platforms for example. The “split tunneling” function will allow you to define a secure connection to a specific service while keeping your local IP for the rest.


+ Advantageous pricing

+ More than 9000 servers around the world

The lessers

– Some stability issues at times

→ I buy Cyberghost: the best value for money

PureVPN, ultra-efficient for streaming!


Founded in Hong Kong in 2006, PureVPN has grown rapidly to enable businesses and individuals alike to secure their online activities by encrypting their data. Why Hong Kong? Because the law of the country does not oblige the retention of data. With PureVPN, easily access many sites blocked by some governments. With its 256-bit OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 encryption, you are guaranteed to maintain your privacy on the Internet. In addition to offering you regular VPN services, PureVPN offers you DDoS-protected VPN service, dedicated IP VPN and NAT firewall services.


+ High performance for streaming and online gaming

+ Extensive country and server network

The lessers

– Not the fastest VPN

→ I buy PureVPN: ultra-efficient for streaming

How to choose the right VPN?

Like antiviruses, VPNs provide additional security to your Internet connection by encrypting communications. But it’s not always easy to navigate the long list of VPN providers on the market. When you are about to choose a VPN provider, pay attention to the features offered, the number of devices to connect, the various services offered… The first piece of advice we can give you is to choose a provider that does not keep logs connection (the logs). Also consider choosing a provider whose headquarters are located in countries whose legislation does not require data retention. Another piece of advice, give preference to suppliers with a page in French. Last point of vigilance, the price. Some VPNs are free but are often slower and place ads on the online pages you visit. For the paid versions, the cost is not too high and allows you to benefit from assured protection, without limiting the speed of your connection.

How does a VPN work?

To secure your online activity, you need to install software on your computer to use to connect to your chosen VPN service. Your provider can be a corporate network or a private server through which you will go to connect to the Internet. To access this VPN, you will need to identify yourself with a username and password. Thus, you and only you will be able to access this service. Once this identification has been made, the connection between your computer and the server network is completely secure. From then on, all your data is encrypted.

The benefits of VPN for businesses?

Whether for a VSE, SME or a large company, VPN connections are very important, especially since the rise of telecommuting. Indeed, employees who work from home are easy prey for hackers. Having to deal with confidential information, employees in telework can very easily be hacked when they do not protect their online activity. Turnover, commercial strategy, research and development… So many sensitive data that employees deal with on a daily basis which must be protected against possible cyber-attacks. By using a VPN service, employees will be able to connect to the internet through a private network while protecting their IP address. In addition to protecting the company, the VPN allows employees to perform their daily tasks without the risk of leaking confidential company information.

Why install a VPN for individuals?

You will have understood it well, VPN issues are particularly important for businesses, but what about individuals? Is it necessary to use a VPN even if you’re not doing anything you need to keep secret? The answer is yes ! VPN services do not only protect sensitive data but all data of all Internet users. In other words, as soon as you browse the web, hundreds of pieces of information about you are being collected. This information will then be used by machines or companies to, for example, offer you targeted advertisements. No one wants to be tracked, no matter what their online activity. By connecting to the Internet from the VPN service, all your online communications will be hidden by data encryption. In addition, you will be able to navigate from site to site using your VPN’s IP address. In addition, the VPN can help you access certain content by circumventing the limits of location by IP, for streaming in particular. Don’t wait any longer and protect your privacy by ensuring your online anonymity with VPN connections!

→ I install NordVPN and get 63% off the 2-year subscription

→ I download Surfshark and take advantage of the 24-month subscription at €2.49

→ I subscribe to Cyberghost and benefit from 3 years at €2.11 per month