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How to change the vibration settings of an Android mobile

Do you want to change the vibration of your Android mobile when receiving a message or a call? Here’s how to change these settings simply and quickly.

Tired of your Android mobile vibrating when you receive a call, an SMS or when you touch the screen to return to the main menu? If your answer to this question is “yes”, let us tell you that you have come to the right place.

Thanks to the fact that customization on Android mobile devices is almost absolute, changing the vibration settings of a terminal with this operating system is very easy to do.

In addition, there are some phones, depending on the brand, that allow you to increase the intensity of the vibration when receiving calls or SMS, as well as the way in which the device in question vibrates.

If you need a guide that explains how to get to the section that lets you change everything about your Android phone’s vibration, just keep reading. Here we’ll show you how to change these settings in a snap, it’s easier than it looks!

Changing the vibration settings of an Android mobile is possible

How to change the vibration settings of an Android mobile

Most of the vibration settings of an Android mobile can be found in the “Sound and vibration” section.

Before showing you all the settings related to the vibration of your mobile that you can modify, it is important to note that not all terminals offer the same functionalities. In other words, there are manufacturers of mobile devices that allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of vibrations, as well as others that offer different types of vibrations.

Having clarified this, when you enter the vibration settings section of your phone, you can find more or less settings, it will all depend on the version of Android you have, as well as the layer of customization your phone has. device.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial to change the vibration settings of your Android mobile:

Show vibration settings on Android

There are some Android mobile devices that allow you to reduce or increase the vibration intensity.

  • First you need to enter your phone settings.
  • Once you are in the configuration of your mobile, you must click on the “Sound and vibration” option.
  • If you want to activate or deactivate the vibrate when you receive calls, you will have to click on “Vibrate for calls”.
  • In this section you can choose if you want your phone to vibrate when it calls you, if you don’t want it to vibrate or if you want it to vibrate first and then gradually ring.
  • If you go back to the “Sound and vibration” menu, you will have the option of activating the vibration when a call is established, when you charge your mobile’s battery, or when you click on the touch buttons that appear on the screen. your phone screen.

As you may have seen, there are several adjustable vibration settings on an Android mobile. Also, if you want to access more options, you can download the Ring Master app, a tool that allows you to control volume and vibrations in a much more “professional” way.

Can you change the vibration of Android apps?

Change vibration settings in apps

Each application that can be found on Android offers its own vibration customization system.

The answer to this question is yes”. Almost every messaging app present on Android has a special section where users can change the vibration settings.

Of course, each application offers different types of options, so it would be practically impossible for us to list them all. Likewise, below we will explain how to change the vibration settings in two of the most used messaging applications in the world: WhatsApp and Telegram.

To access the vibration menu in WhatsApp, you must perform these steps:

Change WhatsApp vibrations on Android

In WhatsApp, you can choose the type of vibration for private messages, group messages and calls.

  • In the WhatsApp application you will have to click on the three vertical dots (at the top right of the screen).
  • A menu will appear with several options, click on the one that says “Settings”.
  • Go to “Notifications”.
  • WhatsApp will allow you to change the type of vibration when receiving a private message.
  • Similarly, you can also change the vibrations of messages and group calls.

On the other hand, to view the vibration settings in Telegram, you must do the following:

Change vibration type in Telegram for Android

Telegram also offers several options to change the vibration settings.

  • On the main Telegram screen, you need to click on the three horizontal lines (at the top left of the screen).
  • Next, you will need to enter “Settings”.
  • Therefore, you need to click on “Notifications and Sounds”.
  • Within seconds, you’ll have the ability to change vibration settings for calls, as well as in-app vibration.

Having nothing more to add in this regard, we would like to remind you that you can also change the vibration settings in social media applications. For example, on Instagram you will have to activate notifications so that your mobile vibrates each time you receive a message, or when you are tagged in a publication.