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How to best optimize your iPhone 14 Pro – Belgium iPhone

The iPhone 14 Pro is currently the most successful smartphone among users. However, are you correctly exploiting the potential of the iPhone 14 Pro?

Available for more than 3 weeks, the new smartphone from the apple brand has it under the hood. A few weeks ago, we gave you our first impressions of the iPhone 14 Pro. In order to complete these first impressions, here are 5 settings to make in order to best exploit all the power of the iPhone.

Enable 48 MP ProRAW Photos

This is one of the main novelties offered by the new Apple smartphone. The new 48 Mpx sensors allow you to take better quality shots thanks to the ProRAW format. To be able to activate this resolution, go to Settings under Camera → Format → Apple ProRAW with the resolution set to 48 MP.

Point of attention: the ProRAW format is a storage-intensive format. It is therefore necessary with the necessary storage capacity so as not to quickly saturate the storage of your phone.

Enable 4K cinematic mode

On the entire new range of iPhone 14, it is possible to film in 4K in cinematic mode. Cinematic mode was introduced with the iPhone 13 range. This mode offers a depth effect with automatic focus changes for “cinema-style” videos. To activate this mode, go to Settings, tap Camera → Record Cinematic and choose 4K at 24fps or 4K at 30fps.

Optimize Action mode for lowlights

Action mode, also present on the entire iPhone 14 range, allows the user to film “sports” scenes more easily. This Action mode compensates for severe shake, movement, and vibration for smoother videos. In low light conditions, this mode will reduce stabilization to optimize less lit scenes. To activate this action mode, go to Settings, under Camera → Record video → Low light action mode.

Enable a startup sound

This is a new accessibility option available on the iPhones of the 14 range. Concretely, it is possible to activate a sound when starting and stopping the phone. In particular, it allows the visually impaired to know when their iPhone turns off or turns on. To enable this option, go to Settings, under Accessibility → Audio/Visual → Startup and Shutdown Sounds.

Disable always-on display

This is the new feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The Always-on currently raises questions, in particular for its battery consumption. By default, this option is activated but it is possible to deactivate it. Head to Settings under Display & Brightness → Always On.

However, this Always-on mode disables itself in certain situations. You can find the different cases in which the Always-on turns off.

Here are the 5 exclusive settings for anyone who wants to get the most out of their new phone.

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