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How the Samsung Knox security platform works – Benin Actu

Samsung Knox Security Platform – SAMSUNG

PARIS, July 20 (EDITIONS / Benin News) –

Samsung reinforces its commitment to security with its new security management system. Samsung Knox platformwhich introduces new features to ensure the protection of private and professional users, after announcing that more than 20,000 companies are already using these services worldwide.

Since its introduction in 2013, the Samsung Knox has evolved into a comprehensive security management platform, that protects the mobile devices of millions of users and businesses around the world against the most sophisticated threats.

The Samsung Knox platform is based on Samsung’s security solutions that are built into the chips of various devices right from the start – at the manufacturing stage. It protects businesses and consumers who use Samsung phones, tablets, computers and other products.

In total, there are already more than 100 million Samsung devices “from the moment the user takes it out of the box and turns it on,” the company explains. These devices have multi-layered “hardware” and “software” security features that are always enabled.

More specifically, they contain overlapping defense and security mechanisms that protect personal or corporate data against intrusions, malware and malicious threats. Additionally, the Samsung Knox security platform is the foundation for various solutions and services, such as Samsung personal apps and enterprise solutions.


Among the solutions available for users and companies is “Secure Folder”, a file and document management system. private and encrypted space which can be created on Galaxy devices and helps store private data and apps securely.

The company’s devices also offer the possibility of control in a simple way. which applications have access to the user’s location and when they can access it. Likewise, it is possible to exclude advertising by choosing, from the mobile device itself, the applications that can display advertisements.

On the other hand, Samsung devices have a privacy indicator that lets you know instantly which apps are allowed to show ads. if an application tries to access the microphone, camera or location.. This way, the user can block any threat to their data security.

Another interesting function is the possibility of use the fingerprint as a “key” to access private folders.. In addition, when connected to the Samsung Health app, the Samsung Knox platform can protect health indicators and generated data, which is also a concern for users.


In addition to this basic security Knox Cloud Solutions Portfoliowhich enables enterprises to configure, customize, deploy and manage their devices to meet diverse and specific needs. “Knox protects your device from the inside out, so sensitive data stays secure wherever your work takes you,” the company said in a statement.

In the new context of work, marked by the pandemic and the rise of teleworking, cybersecurity risks have exploded. Samsung’s privacy technologies aim to give users the protection and control they need. The Samsung Knox platform currently manages more than 70 million devices per day.

“Our commitment is to ensure that our Samsung Knox security platform and accompanying suite of solutions will perform optimally today and in the order to meet the growing needs of our customers in the future”, reiterates the company.

To this end, it also incorporates the Samsung KnoxVaultwhich works like a safe that physically isolates PIN numbers, passwords and other private information so that hackers cannot access it. Samsung uses this tool to encrypt sensitive data and protect it from physical attacks, using an improved algorithm that also prevents side-channel attacks.

“Samsung Knox Vault’s ability to store sensitive information – such as Android Keystore keys, SAKs, biometrics and blockchain credentials – prevents third-party access, even if the password has been compromised,” concludes the company.