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How much does a weekend by the sea cost today? We did the math for you

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In this sunny holiday period, the sea sees many tourists coming. But finally how much does a stay in the middle of the seagulls really cost? We did the math for you.

Going to the sea means first of all choosing your accommodation, the biggest part of your budget. Considering the prices today, we already regret not having booked earlier. Our room will cost 159€ per person.

To get there, we took the car. The editorial office of RTL Info is 252 kilometers round trip. The cost of fuel for this trip is 36€.

Barely arrived, we are faced with the call of gluttony. We opt for pastries, a breakfast at 10€.

At the coast, the wallet is never far away. For a Cuistax tour, you have to pay €5 for half an hour. Other pleasures cost much more, such as a huge €38 waffle.

The tourists met, too, are surprised at the prices: “I took a submachine gun at 9.80€“, one of them tells us. “Here, I took four sandwiches, three cans, 27€“, testifies another. “Just to go to the toilet, it’s 0.80€ instead of 0.50€. Everything actually increases“, regrets a young woman.

It’s time for us to sit down to eat. We love two chicken salads and two drinks. The note displays 51€.

With a few extras like parking at €22 a day, an ice cream break and a coffee on the terrace, it’s time to do the accounts. This weekend at the sea will have cost us two: 600€.