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House of the Dragon: the cold shower before a hot shot

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Always beware of numbers. From which it is sometimes easy to draw the wrong conclusions. Take the example of House of the Dragon, the event series currently broadcast on Be TV. According to the Nielsen Institute, between the second and the third episode, in the United States, the prequel to Game Of Thrones lost a whopping one million spectators, dropping from 3.5 to 2.5 million, a considerable drop of 28.5%. The conclusion therefore seems clear: disappointment is at the rendezvous, with an obvious decline in audiences.

And yet, in fact, it is quite the opposite. You should know that the majority of fans have watched the new saga on the HBO Max streaming platform. For the second part, they were 6.7 million to have opted for this second formula. However, according to the Deadline site, in streaming, between the second and third opus, there was an increase of 27%. This corresponds to 1.8 million more pairs of eyes. A million lost on one side, 1.8 million gained on the other, do the count, House of the Dragon gained 800,000 additional addicts in one week. In the end, the cold shower turned into a hot shot for the Targaryens and their dragons.