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House of The Dragon, She-Hulk: Cascading Event Series Releases This August

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Note the appointment in your diary. On the night of August 20 to 21 arrive at our house House of the Dragonprequel to Game Of Thrones, the phenomenal series of the 2010s. The time machine is engaged with a 170-year look back that will reveal how the Targaryens seized the Iron Throne. Conspiracies, betrayals, twisted tricks and spectacular fight scenes should once again be part of the game. We bet that this time, the finale will not be as controversial as that of Game Of Thrones. The only condition to take advantage of it this month: be a subscriber to BeTV.

On Amazon Prime Video, since last week, the sensation is a serial format remake of the film An extraordinary team (A League of Their Own in English) released in 1992, with Madonna, Tom Hanks and Geena Davis (Tootsie, The Fly, Thelma and Louise…). The pitch remains the same: the creation in the United States of a professional baseball championship for women in the midst of World War II. The characters themselves change but their goal remains the same: to impose the practice of their sport and change mentalities in an America at a crossroads. A theme in tune with the times today with everyday superheroes and superheroines. This is a change from the ubiquitous universes of Marvel and DC Comics.

That said, Marvel and its superheroes will still sound the charge this summer. It will be from August 18 on Disney+ this time. Place to She-Hulk: Lawyer. A feminine remake of the 60s comic book (The Incredible Hulk) transposed to the screen in serial between 1977 and 1982 to surf on the current girl power trend? Nay, according to the trailer, which has everything of that of a comedy. If the gags may seem a bit big at the sight of the few minutes revealed, the series does not look like a simple big joke. Miss Hulk, who does not intend to let go of her job as a lawyer, will now take care of the legal problems of superheroes. And believe it or not, “shit”, the saviors of the world have it in whole packets. All this will be declined on the “speed” mode since the series has only nine episodes of only 30 minutes.

On Netflix, the blockbuster series has already been available since August 5. This is the high-risk adaptation of the cult 90s comic: Sandman, by Neil Gaiman. Member of the DC Comics stable, this “sandman” is not a superhero like the others. In the series brought to the screen, Morpheus, the King of Dreams, manages to escape after being locked up for centuries. Bad luck for him, he will have to restore order in the world of dreams but also that of awakening which have been turned upside down during his absence.