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Home network modification help

Hi all,

I am in Wallonia province of Liège at Orange in 400/20mbps (normally 400/40?) and I would like to modify my home network. Well, since I’m a real networking ball, your lights on the matter would help me a lot.

The current box is on the ground floor and covers a good part of the house. I have the speed announced on the pc of the 1st which is in wifi6 like the box on the other hand the rest of the devices which are not galleys anyway. This is why I would like to wire some devices on the 1st floor and also think about extending the wifi coverage.
As I have an Asus setup I had to buy an Asus AX3000 router which I have not yet installed since I needed a second Aimesh brand router or a CPL for the “wired”.

I’m thinking of buying a second AX92U router or a set of ZenWifi which I think is sufficient for my use, see Versus, or simply resell the AX3000 to go to another brand if someone advises me.
In addition a NAS to store films there which could be read directly by an HDMI; former TV and senior who like old movies, me too by the way but that’s not the point :rolleyes:.

Good as a picture speaks louder than words, here’s what I have in mind for now:


Could you help me sort this out and tell me if I’m in the right place? Thanks in advance :mrkiss: