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his parents talk about the pathology he wanted to hide

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During the second premium of The Voice Kids, Saturday August 27, 2022, the young Nahel, 10, made an impression. But he also attracted ridicule, forcing his parents to confide in the pathology from which he suffers.

He was the little sensation of The Voice Kids. For the second TF1 tele-hook bonus reserved for children, Louane, Kendji Girac, Julien Doré and Patrick Fiori continued the blind auditions in order to compose their teams for the rest of the adventure. The opportunity for them to marvel at the young talents who have come to try their luck in the hope of joining the show with the coach of their choice, such as Loghane, Léandre, but also Timéo, on whom everyone turned. And on Saturday August 27, 2022, it was the young Nahel who captivated the jurors with his interpretation of the song The Bourgeois by Jacques Brel. From the top of his 10 years, this one seduced the four artists who turned around, before he finally joined the team of Patrick Fiori. But on the side of Internet users, many have seen in his verbal ease and his traditional musical tastes, far from the “current music like wesh wesh fishing rod”, a certain arrogance.

Seeing the attacks made against Nahel, his parents decided to defend him in the columns of Tele-Leisure to explain that the young boy is affected by disharmony. Far from being “an average child”Julie, his mother, explained that he is hypersensitive, with tenfold feelings, and that he also has a form of high potential. He uses words that even we don’t use. He has an adult phrasing. When he was 5 years old, he was already talking about topics of adult conversation”she explained, adding that he “loves politics and literature”. “He’s not the kind of child to play football”she added.

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Nahel is “in his bubble”

If Nahel did not want to talk about his pathology on the air, a choice respected by his parents, the latter decided to lift the veil when they saw the “physical attacks” and reviews on “his way of being, which some even said he overplayed”. “We wanted to restore a few elements to provide an explanation of what he was able to identify during his visit. Nahel has been followed since the age of 4 by child psychiatrists, psychologists and psychometricians. He is also followed by a AHV (a school life assistant, editor’s note) at school”said his mother.

His father, Aziz, clarified that Nahel “is not aware of the image it sends back”since it is constantly “in his bubble”. So much so that he “does not have access to social networks”and is not interested in what can be said about him outside of The Voice Kids. What interests him is singing. There remains a childunderlined his parents, who specify that the tele-hook “was part of his dreams”. “For him, to see the four coaches turn around, it was happiness. I think he has never been so happy in his lifeconcluded Julie, her mother.

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