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Here’s why you shouldn’t throw away your eggshells and eat them anymore

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Eat eggshells, really?

It was indeed during the 3rd episode of MasterChef that we learned that eggshells could be eaten. The day when guest chef Alessandra Montagne of the Nosso restaurant in Paris, who has made zero waste the golden rule in her kitchen, imposed a challenge on the show’s 8 candidates entitled: “Zero waste in the kitchen!” The program broadcast on France 2 posed many concerns for the candidates, especially when it came to eggshells, which everyone considered at first sight impossible to recycle.

In video, these foods that should never be on your shopping list:

Yet a candidate, Emmanuelle launched the idea of ​​recovering her eggshells by washing them, then baking them in the oven on a plate covered with a baking sheet. After about ten minutes, she crushed them in a blender to obtain a powder which she then sprinkled on the dishes. “It doesn’t change the taste, explained Emmanuelle, the eggshell has no flavor. » But it allowed him to win his challenge.

Why consume them?

The eggshell therefore has no particular flavor, but it is not devoid of benefits for all that. Indeed, it is mainly composed of calcium, more precisely calcium carbonate: a mineral mainly present in dairy products. A shell contains about 40% calcium. It can therefore be sprinkled on a salad or a preparation of your choice, but it can also be taken as a food supplement in zero waste mode.

Photo Viktor Talashuk – Unsplash

How to prepare them?

To consume it without scratching the enamel of your teeth, simply immerse them in a pot of water and boil them for about 10 minutes, which sanitizes them. After draining them, grind them into a powder with a pestle or an electric chopper. Store the powder thus obtained in a tightly closed jar. Consuming a teaspoon of this powder in a large glass of water each morning is equivalent to boosting your calcium level at least as effectively as with any dietary supplement cure. You can even improve the taste by mixing the powder with lemon juice and a spoonful of honey, letting it sit for a few days and then again consuming it by taking a teaspoon of this mixture, once or twice a day.

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