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Here is who has just been voted the best cheesemaker in Belgium

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This weekend took place the seventh edition of the Official Competition of the First Cheesemaker in Belgium. A competition that was held during the Eat Festival which animated the Brussels maritime station for four full days, from September 29 to October 2. In the program ? 60 artisans (chefs, cheese makers, pastry cooks, mixologists and brewers) gathered on the Tour & Taxis site to sell their products and give people a taste of the best of their know-how.

The video of the day :

Eight tests to decide between the candidates

During the Official Competition for Belgium’s First Cheesemaker, which was held this Sunday, five candidates competed in different tests: presentation of a tray, cutting, tasting, advice, combination of cheeses with wine or beer, but also knowledge of cheeses and dairy products in general (history, manufacturing, regulations). Participants included Julie Moulia (Le Plateau du Berger in Brussels), William Horlait (Julien Hazard Affineur in Brussels), Linda Foret (Clos du Gourmet in Liège), Benedicte Herlinvaux (Fromage & Cie in Bastogne) and Nathalie Van Kerckhove (Kaas-en zuivel Nathalie in Tielrode).

And Belgium’s Premier Fromager is…

And it was William Horlait from Julien Hazard in Uccle (Brussels) who emerged as the big winner. During the last edition held in 2016 (rescheduled only this year due to the pandemic), it was Véronique Socié of the “Fruitière”, located Rue du Marché au Charbon in the heart of Brussels, who won the competition.

The jury included, among others, cheese professionals, Belgian and foreign, but also representatives of other food trades (restaurateur, pastry chef, sommelier), including the 2017 World Champion of Cheesemakers and First Fromagère de Belgique 2012 Nathalie Vanhaver , the chef of the Barge restaurant, Grégoire Gillard, or the pastry chef Quentin Callier. The competition for the Premier Fromagerie de Belgique is the third approved competition, shortly after those for the Premier Sommelier de Belgique and the Premier Chef de Belgique. This aims to “to revalue the profession of craftsman and its products”specifies the Federation of Belgian cheese makers, which created the competition in 2006.

And for those who missed the Eat Festival this year, the next edition will also take place at the Gare Maritime in September 2023.

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