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Here is the favorite car of the Belgians

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In the throes of collapse following shortages of components which always delay deliveries, the Belgian market is in the midst of change. Diesel has never been so unpopular, unlike hybrids and electrics, which are popular with companies. And above all, the SUV continues to surf on the road to success to the point of now representing more than half of new vehicle registrations.

However, the most popular car in Belgium is not an SUV. In the first half of the year, it was again the small Citroën C3 which was the most registered: 4,934 times. However, it is well ahead of two SUVs: the BMW X1 (4,155) and the Volvo XC40 (4,067).


Leasing skews the numbers

However, looking at the details, we see that the X1 and XC40 come out on top (in that order) in Flanders and Brussels. The Citroën C3 is only 3rd and 5th respectively in these Regions. The reason is very simple: these two vehicles owe a large part of their success to the company system, and are therefore mainly covered by leasing. However, it is in the capital and in the north of the country that almost all the leasing companies are located.

Here is the favorite car of the Belgians

It suffices to be convinced of this to take a look at the distribution of sales between individuals and professionals. Among the pros, the BMW X1 accounts for 3,519 registrations and is ahead of the Volvo XC40 registered 3,055 times. Among individuals, it is the Dacia Sandero which is acclaimed, ahead of the Toyota Yaris and another Dacia, the Duster.

The Walloon Top 3, much more oriented towards private buyers, is also very different from the other Regions: the Citroën C3 is ahead of the Dacia Sandero and Duster.

Here is the favorite car of the Belgians

Renault for individuals, BMW for professionals

In terms of brands, BMW remains the most popular throughout Belgium. A place due to its success with professional buyers, where the manufacturer is ahead of two other premiums, Mercedes and Audi. Among individuals, Renault is ahead of Volkswagen and Toyota.