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Here Everything Begins Spoiler: Livio, a new chef, does not leave Ambre and Salomé indifferent (Video)

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Here Everything Begins Spoiler for Monday, September 12, 2022 – A new character is about to arrive in your favorite series with the hope of getting his Master’s degree. And the least we can say is that this new chef will not leave the fairer sex indifferent.


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Master’s students are preparing to return to school next week at the Institut Auguste Armand. And among them, Livio (Corentin Pellis) who is going to put down his suitcases at the old Gaissac house. This young Sicilian chef does not come to Calvière by chance. His parents run an unpretentious inn, but which, thanks to the quality of their local cuisine, has become an institution on the island. After a course in classic cuisine, he joined “Les Chefs Blancs”, the most renowned cooking school in Rome, where he met Teyssier, who came to lead a masterclass in February.


In an excerpt unveiled today by TF1, Salomé learns that a new Italian chef is going to settle in the roommate. The young woman is delighted all the more because she loves Italian cuisine. Amber, meanwhile, fantasizes about the young man even though she hasn’t met him yet. The young woman has never shared an intimate moment with an Italian, and would like to correct that. She then imagines how she would say in Italian to Livio that she wants to share an intimate moment with him when the latter arrives at the same time and corrects Amber on a piece of sentence.

The arrival of Livio immediately sows trouble and Ambre, sensitive to his charm, will want to make him fall from his net. But Salomé also seems under the spell of this dark Sicilian.

Will Livio fall in love with one of the young women?

Here it all starts Extract Video Livio arrives at the roommate

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