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Here are the steps to follow to consult the data that Google has on you!

Data protection is very important today. Users are concerned that their data is not used without their knowledge. To find out exactly what Google knows about you, it is possible to do a quick, more or less detailed check. A way to find out how the American giant works and what kind of information it has about you. We will explain everything to you !

Get a quick overview of your data on Google Dashboard

This page simply offers an overview of the data stored in your Google account. You have on one side the services that have been used recently, and on the other those that you use more rarely. The advantage of Google Dashboard lies in its clear presentation. The use is easy, fast. But you can go further than this simple overview. Indeed, for each of these services, there is additional information. We give you an example. If you have a Gmail address, then you can see how many emails are in the inbox, how many emails you have sent, how many drafts you have written…

In one click, you can download all your data thanks to Google Dashboard. You can then use them, or use them from another account. It could not be easier. Just click on the ” Download your data“. It’s at the top left of the page. But for those who only want data from a particular service, it is possible. To do this, click on “Download” when you are in the box of the service in question.

For a very complete summary

A clear and concise balance sheet is not enough for you? Do not panic, it is possible to have a complete summary of your data. To do this, go to your Google account. In the menu, on the left, select ‘Data and privacy’. Four sections are then proposed to you. ” Your activities and places you have visited”; “Information you can share with other people”; “Data from the apps and services you use (this is the section through which you go to “Google Dashboard”) and finally, ” More options“.

In each of these sections you will find details about the data. In the first, ” Your activities and places you have visited“, you have the possibility to see your history, but also of movement. You see the trips made a year back, for example. YouTube history is also available in this section. Be aware that for each service there are privacy options. It’s up to you to configure them as you wish.

Finally, this section will interest those who want to show the less secure internet, the section ” Info you can share with others“. This section displays all the data concerning your profile and those shared with your contacts.

Fear of having your data stolen

It’s a relatively new but already prolific black market. In order to better target advertisements or scams, certain data is stolen and then sold. And this can concern Google as well as official organizations that have your confidential data.

A few weeks ago, ZATAZ cybersecurity experts noticed a bumper sale. This sale simply concerns the data of one million users of the site. The sale price was set at 6,000 dollars, or 5,700 euros at the time. Be careful, the Health Insurance is a victim in the story, and not guilty. Data protection is mandatory in France. This allows the French to feel safe. If a million pieces of data have been stolen, it is undoubtedly thanks to the phishing method.

Users could have been fooled by receiving an email that looked like an official email from They therefore filled in the requested information and their data could thus have been stolen. The sale of data therefore exists. We should not underestimate the inventiveness of crooks to obtain confidential data.