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Here are the names of the actors who will play Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on screen

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Johnny Depp versus Amber hearinga trial followed live and so publicized that it inspired a director. Not surprising. But the most remarkable thing is that according to varietythe film would already be in the box. It should soon be distributed on the platform tubewhich belongs to the Fox group.

The feature film will return in detail to the legal saga between the two stars and ex-spouses. It must be said that the incalculable number of twists and turns in the trial facilitates the storytelling.

Titled Hot take : tea Depp/Heard trial – which can be translated as “Hot comments” –the fiction is presented as a highlight in the legal battle of the ex-spouses. The entire trial will be scrutinized. Inside and outside. The objective will be to understand the workings of strategies used by both sides to try to convince the jury. “We ramped up production to tell this story that is in tune with the times and got people excited this summer,” Adam said. lewinsonresponsible for the content of tube.

What is certain is that the platform tube was very quick. And to be sure not to be overtaken, she decided to entrust the leading roles has second knives. Johnny Depp will thus be embodied by Mark Hapkaalready famous for playing in the soap Of the days and lives, and for Amber hearing actress Megan Davis, seen in the series bones and American Horror Story. Faster and less expensive to choose these actors, the production intends to be the first on the file. Even if we already know that the chain Discovery+ A documentary is currently being released which gives voice to the actors’ lawyers, legal experts, journalists and relatives of the former couple. This case is a goldmine for the film industry.

And it is likely to continue, because Depp and hearing do not intend to resume hostilities. The actors appealed the conviction this summer, but not for the same reasons. Loser of the lawsuit, Amber hearing wishes not to have to pay too much and Johnny Depp wishes to obtain a complete whitewash judging that the story has dirty his image. See you on the next episode.