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Here are the 3 strong images of the death of Elizabeth II

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Guest on the set, the royal chronicler Thomas de Bergeyck comments on the news related to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and more particularly three strong images.

The Queen’s final journey through Scotland

Popular emotion is really starting to grow, we can see it with all these people who see their queen pass by. They’ve seen it dozens of times in 70 years. She has toured her country several times.” This procession, which crosses this Scottish moor, is a last tribute to the lands she loved so much.We has already said it, but Scotland stole the start of this mourning a bit from the British in London. But at the same time, Scotland was the place where she felt the best. It was his vacation spot.


The walkabout of Charles III

Complicated for Charles to succeed his mother, Elizabeth II?He will have to give another meaning to the crown and get rid of the iconic image of Elizabeth that she has worked on all these years. Sorry to say it like that, but it was a real label recognized around the world.” Anchored in the popular unconscious, Charles will have to recreate around him a new universe to which the British will be able to attach themselves in a difficult context. “It will have to remain this landmark, this beacon in the light. What he did recently by spontaneously coming out to shake hands with the people is a very good thing.” In Indeed, while it was not provided for in the protocol, Charles III got out of his car in front of Buckingham Palace this Friday and shook hands with dozens of people present. Calculated or not, “in the meantime, his image is that of a local king and he shows it from the first hours. It’s well played.

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William, Harry, Kate and Meghan side by side in Windsor, in memory of the Queen

Can we talk about reconciliation?It’s true that we haven’t seen them together since March 2020. I loved the front pages of the British press this morning:All 4 one(All for a). The best tribute he could pay to their grandmother was to be reunited. This is undoubtedly what she would have hoped for since these two/three years of departure from Harry and Meghan. I know she was very saddened by this situation.“Thomas of Bergeyck continues:There were negotiations. I know that it was not easy to organize this outing. It looks like there were nearly an hour of negotiations inside Windsor Castle to settle on when they would all go out together. So there was a bit of calculation behind it.“It remains to be seen whether this will last. To be continued.

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