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Here are all the sweet nicknames that the royal family gave to Queen Elizabeth II

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Queen Elizabeth was loved by her family, that’s for sure. Just look at the number of affectionate nicknames she received from her people.


This nickname comes to her from the time when, much younger, she had trouble pronouncing Elizabeth. Lilibet remained and was even used by her late husband, Prince Philip.


But the Duke of Edinburgh did not limit himself to this nickname there. He had a handful of other pet names he used to refer to his wife, including the somewhat ridiculous “cabbage.” Although the origin of this nickname is unclear, some have suggested that it came from the French affectionate phrase “mon petit chou”. At sunday Timesroyalty expert Robert Lacey said : “Yeah, I’ve heard that’s how he sometimes refers to her.


Another atypical nickname for the Queen was coined by Prince William and Prince Harry in their younger years: “Gary”. the Daily Mail reports that this name comes from a time when young William was playing at Buckingham Palace. When he fell, instead of calling his “Grandma” to come help him, he accidentally said “Gary”. On this, royal chronicler Richard Kay explained: “A guest who went to help the prince asked who Gary was, assuming he must be a member of the royal family.‘I am Gary’replied the Queen. He hasn’t yet learned to say ‘Granny’“.


William’s son, Prince George, is also bursting with creativity. He was calling the queen”Gan-Gan“. This was revealed by the Princess of Wales. In a 2016 interview, Kate Middleton said : “George is only two and a half years old and he calls her Gan-Gan.