You are currently viewing “Her words are slanderous”, “She spits her venom on everyone”: Alain from “Love is in the meadow” responds to Janique

“Her words are slanderous”, “She spits her venom on everyone”: Alain from “Love is in the meadow” responds to Janique

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A few days ago, we published an interview with Janique in the latest Ciné-Télé-Revue. Janique, who can be found in “Love is in the meadow” on RTL-TVI as André’s suitor, has already participated in the show, last year, with Alain. After six months of relationship, Janique and Alain have decided to separate. In the interview granted to Ciné-Télé-Revue, Janique returned to this rupture, scratching Alain, who wished to have his right of reply.

Alain, why do you want to react to Janique’s comments?

I just wanted to put the church back in the middle of the village. When we were sent Janique’s interview after the last episode of “Love is in the Meadow”, neither my companion nor I slept. It doesn’t reflect the character that I am at all. We were together six months, we parted as friends, and now she allows me to rant. For six months, she lived on my hooks. We did a 3,000 kilometer tour of France, I paid for everything out of my own pocket, I didn’t ask him for a franc. We went to Tenerife, it was the same thing. It was a little tense because we knew that we were probably going to leave each other afterwards. Coming back from Tenerife, we phoned the production of “Love is in the Meadow” saying that we were leaving as good friends. The worst thing is that it’s taking on an abominable scale on social networks, and it bothers my current girlfriend. I hate that my image is smeared in this way, for nothing. It affects my well-being and that of my partner. I don’t want to damage anyone’s image.

She blames you in particular for having communicated with other women, while you were still in a relationship.

She was already communicating with André who chose her as a suitor this year, when we were still in a relationship. She knew he was going to register because he had asked my advice.

According to Janique, you told André that she was lazy.

I’m just going to quote my daughter, who said: “She got up at 11 a.m. and stayed in her pajamas all day. “I sometimes work 10 to 15 hours a day, we didn’t have the same way of life at all, which didn’t help the relationship. I gave André no comment regarding Janique. I’m not here to judge others. I just don’t want people to mess me up for things I didn’t say, for her to come home with André, for us to talk. His words are slanderous and mean, I have sought advice from a lawyer who is ready to defend me.

Janique also says you were throwing jokes at her after she lost weight.

I don’t understand these kinds of sentences. I don’t know why she says that. I am over 100 kilos for 1m80, I am in a very bad position to talk about weight. She says she blocked me because of some lyrics. I will still tell the truth. She texted me saying, “Karma will take care of you. “When she sent me this, I took care of her right away, I blocked her on the networks, I wanted nothing more to do with this charming lady who spits her venom on everyone. She only wanted one thing, and that was for me to separate myself from all my friends to belong to her alone. Luckily I didn’t. I would like things to calm down, I would like to be able to shake André’s hand, my goal is to get along with as many people as possible.