You are currently viewing ‘Hello and goodbye’: Spider-man actor Tom Holland makes big decision to protect his sanity (video)

‘Hello and goodbye’: Spider-man actor Tom Holland makes big decision to protect his sanity (video)

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After several weeks of absence on social networks, Tom Holland made a remarkable appearance on his Instagram account. And it may well be the last. In a 2min30 video, the interpreter of Spider-Man confided in his fans about the harmful effects of social networks on his mental health. “I took a break from social media, for my sanity.” he explains. “Because I find Instagram and Twitter to be too empowering, too overwhelming. I get overwhelmed, and spin when I read about myself online. In the end, it affects my mental health, so I decided to go back and delete the apps.”

In the caption that accompanies the video, he writes these words: “Hello and goodbye“. If the 26-year-old actor returned to social media for a short time, it was not only to talk about his personal ill-being, but also to promote an association committed to the mental health of adolescents, Stem4 . “I’m taking a break from my use of social media for my mental health, but I feel compelled to come here to talk to you about Stem4. Stem4 is one of many charities that The Brothers Trust is extremely proud to support – and I’d like to take a moment to highlight their fantastic work.“Brother Trust is an organization founded by the actor’s parents and which raises funds to help charities.

Highlighting this kind of project is important to Tom Holland. “There is a terrible stigma around mental health. And I know asking for help, seeking help, isn’t something to be ashamed of, but it’s easier said than done,” he develops.

Not the only one who wants to break taboos

A few days ago, singer Selah Sue also released the floor around mental health issues by taking stock of her own experience. The Belgian confided in her journey with anti-depressants. “I live in hell,” she shared on her social networks. “Break the taboo of mental suffering, most of us will face it sooner or later. If so, surround yourself with people, talk about it. “Help. There’s always hope. I think of you. I feel you. I love you. It’s going to be okay, don’t give up hope.”