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Hélène Ségara unrecognizable: “Comments about me on social networks are free and mean”

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This Monday, July 25, was the kickoff of the new M6 program, Who can beat us, hosted by Éric Antoine. And, in this first issue which brings together six personalities (Philippe Etchebest, Cristina Cordula, Marie Portolano, etc.), the stars of the small screen must face 100 lambda candidates. The winner wins the sum of 30,000 euros. The singer Hélène Ségara, who we could see recently in the last season of France has an unbelievable talent (also on M6), came to confront the public of who can beat us. Expert in music, the interpreter of “There are too many people who love you” was not only noticed by his musical skills. But also by his physical appearance. “Obviously. And as I expected, the comments about me on social media are gratuitous and mean,” wrote the 51-year-old singer on Instagram. “It’s true, a year of heavy treatment has changed me and given me a lot of complexes. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it, except to fight to keep smiling.” And to conclude: “Thank you to those who know and who come to defend me”.

As a reminder, Hélène Segara has been suffering from an autoimmune disease for several years. On March 22, her birthday, she confided in her treatment, which made her gain a lot of weight, because of cortisone. “After several months of heavy treatment, in the greatest secrecy where I have always tried to keep a smile and honor each of my commitments, I have to resolve to limit my tour.” Many fans have also defended her against the mocking and bitter messages. “Stop basher Hélène Ségara, try to have more values ​​than that… She changed because she is sick, end of debate”, can we read among Internet users. “I delete my tweet, I did not know that Hélène had a disease.”