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Hearthstone expansion release time, when does Murder at Castle Nathria come out?

The Murder at Castle Nathria expansion is coming to Hearthstone soon, but what time is it coming out? We will try to answer you.

Many gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of Murder at Castle Nathria expansion which will add, like the previous ones, several new features in Hearthstone. The wait will not be very long since the DLC will normally be available this Tuesday, August 2 in France.

Some people wonder what time it will be possible to play the expansion and if that’s your case, we don’t have an official time, but based on previous downloadable content, it would be released at 7 p.m. in France.

What time does the Death at Castle Nathria expansion come out in Heartstone?

If you are looking to know what is the release time of the DLC on Hearthstone, well, as we explained to you previously, we don’t have an official time yet by Blizzard or the Hearthstone Twitter account.

However, the expansion is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2, and based on the release time of previous content that has been added to the game, presumably Murder in Castle Nathria would be playable from 7 p.m. in France. Of course, this time is only an estimate and it is quite possible that it may be subject to change.

It should be noted that for the output of the extension, no maintenance has been scheduled, but you can expect some connection issues. If despite everything, you encounter problems, consider consulting the Hearthstone Twitter account (source) or even check game server status to find out if a problem or unscheduled maintenance is in progress. While waiting to be able to discover the content of the DLC in Hearthstone, we remind you that Murder at Castle Nathria releases this Tuesday, August 2 and that we already know one of the new cards added, namely the Party Totem.