You are currently viewing “He told me he was 100% a cannibal”: the trailer for the Armie Hammer docu is out (video)

“He told me he was 100% a cannibal”: the trailer for the Armie Hammer docu is out (video)

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The alleged victims of the actor Armie hammer have expressed in the first trailer for the new documentary series of Discovery+“House of hammer“.

The first explosive trailer, released by the network on Wednesday, shows images of two of the exes of hammerCourtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, who detail their experiences. They show screenshots of messages and voice notes the “Social Network” star allegedly sent them.

Courtney Vucekovich who appeared as one of the accusers in the 3-minute video to detail her experiences while dating the ‘Social Network’ star.

The trailer for the three-part documentary series featured the app’s founder flashdtears in his eyes, and another woman named Julia Morrison, as messages allegedly sent by hammer35, appeared on the screen. Voice memos, allegedly sent by the star of “Call me by Your Name”, are also broadcast in voiceover.

My bet was to show up at your house, tie you up, neutralize you and do whatever I wanted in every hole in your body until I was done with you“, can we read.

The three-part series also features the aunt of hammerCasey hammerwho is Armand’s granddaughter hammerthe businessman who made the family fortune in the oil field.I’m about to reveal the family’s dark twisted secrets hammer“, says Casey in the trailer.

The star of “Call Me By Your Name” called all allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse “bullshit”, while his lawyer, Andrew Brettlertook a more professional approach in denying any wrongdoing.

From day one, Mr. hammer maintains that all of his interactions with each sexual partner were completely consensual, discussed and agreed to in advance, and were subject to mutual participation“, said Brettler at Page Six.

Armiewho lives in the Cayman Islands with his wife Elizabeth Chambers and their two children, spent six months in a drug treatment center in Florida, paid for by Robert Downey Jr..


In March 2021, an investigation was opened into rape charges against the American actor Armie hammer after a complaint filed by a young woman with whom he was having an affair.

The 24-year-old, who asked to be identified only by her first name, Effie, detailed her accusations during a virtual press conference hosted by her lawyer, Gloria Allred.

In particular, she claims to have been “brutally raped” for more than four hours in 2017. The young woman adds thatArmie hammerwhom she had met on Facebook the previous year, allegedly told her during this attack banged repeatedly head against a wall and struck feet with a riding crop.

‘Effie’ said she was abused “mentally, emotionally and sexually” during her on-and-off four-year relationship with the actor.

Without confirming that it was the young woman, the police of The bone Angeles said it had opened an investigation into Armie hammer following a complaint filed last month by a woman.

The 35-year-old actor denied the accusations via his lawyer, Andrew Brettlerclaiming to have had only “consensual” sexual relations. Mr. Bettler affirms further that a text message sent by Effie to her client in July 2020, which he claims contains explicitly sexual requests, contradict the young woman’s allegations.

The lawyer had already denied a block of similar accusations of violent and sadistic sexual acts brought againstArmie hammer by other women.

In February 2021, the agency that looked after the actor’s interests cut ties with him following accusations of sexual abuse circulating on social networks. According to specialist publications, Armie hammer had also left several projects, including a film alongside Jennifer Lopez, “Shotgun Wedding“.

Coming from a family of wealthy entrepreneurs, Armie hammer distinguished himself at the cinema in “The Social Network” and especially “Call Me By Your Name”, where he shared the poster with Timothée Chalamet.