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He spent last weekend with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle: Iain Greenshields tells how the sovereign was

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He is one of the Queen’s last guests at Balmoral. Dr Iain Greenshields, moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland stayed with the Queen during her royal retreat last weekend – just days before her death at the age of 96. They dined together on Saturday and had lunch on Sunday, and even strangely broached the subject of the afterlife.

He told BBC Radio Scotland his last poignant conversation with Her Majesty. And describe: “She was in great shape, in a very good mood, obviously frail, you can see, but very lucid and on the ball.”

“She was talking about her past, her love for Balmoral, her father, her mother, Prince Philip, the horses…She was very engaged in what was happening in the church and in the nation as well.”

He explained how she spoke”in a very moving way‘of Philip’s funeral and how her husband’s death affected her,’especially when the bagpipes sounded”.

And he said the Queen seemed delighted to be spending time at her beloved Balmoral home.

He stated: “In conversation with her, she took me to the window and she looked at her gardens with great pride and affection. And I think that’s where she would have wanted to spend her last days and I think the family is heartened.”

She then had “a reflection on life as they discussed his faith and the afterlife.

He told the Telegraph: “She was just talking about some of the remarkable people she had met. And she talked about the meaning of life and where that life leads and eternal life and resurrection, and what those things meant. And then, as happens in this conversation, you just move on.”

“I think she loved where she was staying, and she mentioned it more than once, and found great peace at Balmoral, and I think it may be very fitting that it’s where she died.”

It comes after a photographer recounted the unforgettable moment she met the Queen two days before she died.

Jane Barlow, who works for the PA agency, said the Queen was frail but in high spirits as she took the last public photos of herself on Tuesday.

Jane had been sent to Balmoral to photograph the moment the Queen met Liz Truss to officially adopt her as the new Prime Minister.

And, while waiting for the head of the curators to arrive at the Queen’s summer residence, Jane took some portraits.

Around this time, she and the monarch shared small chats about the weather. The weather was gloomy with dark skies and heavy rain over Balmoral Castle that day.

Jane, who has been a photographer in Scotland for six years, said of the Queen: “She smiled at me a lot.”