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He finishes GTA 5 in 1227 days with a new (but exhausting) technique

Is it possible to be a pacifist in GTA 5? In any case, this is what this youtubeur tried to prove, who embarked on a totally improbable challenge.

GTA, a real outlet for players

GTA is often synonymous with misdemeanors and crimes of all kinds. Los Santos is the place where everything is allowed, a real outlet in which many players allow themselves to do what they would not dare in real life (and fortunately elsewhere…). It must be said that no one wants to launch GTA 5 to comply with the Highway Code and drive at the maximum authorized speeds.

Stealing, killing, stealing are recurring actions in Rockstar’s opus. And while some try to defy the police by all means, others try to progress in a totally pacifist way (or almost). This is the latest completely crazy challenge that DarkViperAU, an American youtuber who has taken it into his head to complete GTA 5 by killing as few people as possible.

This GTA 5 player’s pacifist challenge impresses the community

DarkViperAU started their challenge on May 25, 2019 on YouTube, and they only just finished it 3 years later. With a total of 96 kills, 30 from firearms and the rest from melee attacks, he is the only player who managed to finish GTA 5 with such a low number of character kills. In his last video published on October 3, the youtubeur seems relieved to have reached the end of his challenge:

Honestly, I doubt anyone thought it would take that long. “This series generated over 30 million views and 90,000 subscribers. It also took most of my sanity, but it was worth it.”

As a reminder, it is impossible to complete GTA 5 without killing anyone, DarkViperAU used many stratagems to limit the number of victims as much as possible. The feat is all the more incredible since the youtubeur has not used any mods or cheat codes.