You are currently viewing “He dropped a quiet fart”: Julien (Star Academy) too relaxed?  Internet users compare him to a cult candidate of the show

“He dropped a quiet fart”: Julien (Star Academy) too relaxed? Internet users compare him to a cult candidate of the show

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This Wednesday, October 19, viewers of the star Academy were very amused by discovering Julien’s technique to release the pressure.

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Since the launch – on Saturday October 15 – of the new season of the cult tele-hook star Academy, viewers do not miss any of the daily newspapers broadcast every evening on TF1. And since the 13 candidates have invested the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys, some have been able to hold the attention of the fans, for good or bad! And when it comes to getting people talking about her, Léa – the young optician by profession – seems to be an expert in the field. But this Wednesday, October 19, the young woman gave way to her comrade, Julien. And by revealing – without embarrassment – ​​his unstoppable technique for getting rid of stress, the young man has attracted the sympathy of the Web!

He lets out a quiet fart

Julien was one of the three profiles that TF1 had presented a few days before the big prime. But by showing humor and second degree during his presentation, the young man was a thousand miles from imagining that this would annoy Internet users. And the latter were not tender: “Julien is already having a blast!“, “All this to end up in reality TV“, we could read on Twitter. But as his first evaluation approached and to best evacuate his stress, the young man did not hesitate for a single second to embalm the room by releasing a gas from the deep in his bowels… And on Twitter, Julien’s wind caused a sensation: “Oh Julien the beau! It has become my favorite“, “Go ahead, Julien is a kid, but I love him too much“, “Julien, my favorite humanly speaking of this promo“, “Julien who quietly lets out a fart“. If you were looking to boost your popularity rating, you have the solution!

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By discovering – over the course of daily life – the personality “without embarrassmente” and good child of Julien, Internet users were seduced, but also found some resemblances to him with a former candidate! “Julien, it’s really the Jean-Pascal of 2022. He is there for the entertainment side of Star Academy and fortunately he is there elsewhere!“, “Julien is the new Jean-Pascal, but he knows how to sing anyway“, “Julien, the Jean-Pascal of the season. It needed one“, we could read on the social network. Let’s hope however that Julien will not be eliminated at the gates of the final – or as of this Saturday, October 22 for that matter – like his predecessor!

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