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He creates a case for AirPods in USB-C – Belgium iPhone

Using a 3D printer, he creates an AirPods case with a USB-C port.

Ken Pillonel started from a simple observation: the AirPods case is not designed to be maintained or repaired. Indeed, no hardware component is accessible without damaging the device. As a reminder, Ken Pillonel had already replaced the Lightning port of the iPhone with a USB-C port.

A 3D replacement case

For each problem there is a solution. He created a replacement case on a 3D printer. During this 3D design, Ken Pillonel also took care to replace the Lightning port with a USB type C port.

But the process goes much further. Indeed, the designer of the new case provides these plans. This will allow technicians to intentionally damage the existing case in order to access internal components and perform repairs.

Pillonel’s 3D printing files and PCB files to be able to repair AirPods are available for free on its website. He plans to sell kits in the future based on interest.

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