You are currently viewing “Harry Potter”: what the memoirs of Alan Rickman reveal about the filming of the saga

“Harry Potter”: what the memoirs of Alan Rickman reveal about the filming of the saga

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The diaries of the actor who died in 2016 will be published next month.

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Dhe new extracts from Alan Rickman’s memoir were published this weekend by the British newspaper The Guardian. Known in particular for having interpreted Professor Severus Snape in the saga Harry PotterAlan Rickman died in January 2016 from pancreatic cancer.

27 of his diaries will be brought together in a book,

Madly, Deeply, The Alan Rickman Diaries
, which will be released on October 4th. These notebooks cover 25 years of the actor’s life and are full of thoughts on rich and varied subjects, such as reflections on politics, on his relatives, theatrical reviews or opinions on acting and filming stories.

We learn in particular that the actor was diagnosed in 2005, before starting the filming of the fifth opus, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. After hesitating, the actor decided to continue the adventure. “Finally say yes to HP [Harry Potter] 5. Feeling is neither positive nor negative. The winning argument is this: “We have to go all the way. This is our story”. »

This role, he will play until the end. “I realize that as soon as the ring and the costume [de Rogue] are threaded, something happens. Being talkative, smiling, open becomes foreign to me. The character shrinks me, tightens me. They are not very good qualities on a film set. I have never been so uncommunicative with a team. Fortunately, Dan [Radcliffe] fulfills this role with ease and charm. And the youth. »

From 2007, he discovered the fate reserved for his character thanks to the last volume written by JK Rowling. On this subject, he writes: “I have finished reading the last book of
Harry Potter
. Snape dies heroically, Potter describes him to his children as one of the bravest men he has ever known and names his son Albus Severus. It was a real rite of passage. Jo Rowling’s little piece of information seven years ago – “Snape loved Lily” – had given me a clue to keep me waiting. »

He also reveals what he thinks of his colleagues. About Daniel Radcliffe, he writes: “He is so focused now. Serious and focused – but with a sense of humor. I still don’t think he’s really an actor, but he’s definitely going to direct/produce. And he has such calm and dignified support from his parents. The behavior of the three young actors sometimes seems to irritate Alan Rickman. “These kids need direction. They don’t know their text and Emma’s diction [Watson] sounds like Albanian at times. In addition, my so-called rehearsal is done with a lining that is French,” he complains.

The shootings are linked and the actors grow. In 2008, he noted: “Lunch with Daniel Radcliffe. Yesterday he was 12, now he is 19. When did this happen? And he’s sensitive, intelligent and articulate. And he owns a three-bedroom apartment in New York.” On March 29, 2010, the filming of the last episode ended. “It’s hard to believe. I think even Daniel was shocked by the finality. »