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Harry and Meghan: This weekend with the prince’s longtime friends went wrong

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This is a book that will be talked about a lot. “Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors” (either in French “Revenge: Meghan and Harry and the War on the Windsors”), which is scheduled for release on July 21 in England is already causing a lot of ink to flow. The author, Tom Bower, has tried to identify in this book the reasons which led the couple of Sussex to leave their functions within the royal family of England.

To make this biography of the couple, Tom Bower spent hours interviewing Prince Harry’s longtime friends. In his book, he mentions in particular a hunting weekend organized in December 2016 at Sandringham Castle during which his former comrades from the prestigious Eton college met the American actress for the first time, their relationship having been publicly revealed. a month before by People magazines.

While the Prince was looking forward to reuniting with his friends and spending the weekend together (every year Harry threw a similar weekend), the Prince’s binge-drinking activities and usual pals’ humor wouldn’t have gone down well with Meghan. Markle, who reportedly spent those two days ending their “jokes”. According to participants,the actress reportedly challenged every guest whose conversation contravened her values. No one is exempt.”

And a friend to say: “She lacked a sense of humor.” Returning home after Sunday brunch, text messages rang out between the cars that formed the motorcade leaving the royal residence at Sandringham: “Oh My God, SHE!!!!” wrote one of the friends. “Harry must be completely mad”, replied another. The prince’s friends were very concerned about the “I do moral” side of the American actress.

Meghan “annoyed” by the wedding of the Prince’s best friend

Tom Bower details in his book that the second meeting with Prince Harry’s friends also did not please Meghan. While the whole merry band met in Jamaica in March 2017 to attend the wedding of the prince’s best friend, Tom Inskip, nicknamed “Skippy”, the actress who attended the event on the prince’s arm could not hide his annoyance.

Tom Bower details that the couple arrived on the Caribbean island separately: Harry had opted for an economy class flight from London while Meghan had arrived via a “private jet loaned by a friend from Toronto”.

Tom Bower explains that Meghan Markle behaved like a “princess” and “refused to speak to Prince Harry’s friends” – preferring to make “remarks on the food offered at the wedding”.

An attitude that would have annoyed the prince’s friends. Several of them would not have received an invitation card to attend the wedding of Meghan and Harry which took place in May 2018.