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Harry and Meghan are saving money: here is the drastic measure they have adopted

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No longer financially dependent on the English crown, Harry and Meghan must tighten their belts. So they decided to sort out their lives on what is necessary or not. Results ? Exit their American communication agency. Not sure that this choice is wise in view of their unpopularity.

An important decision for Meghan

Indeed, according to Daily Mail, the sussex seem to have made some arrangements for their communications teams. In the midst of a scandal following the revelations of the book Courtiers?: tea hidden power of tea Crownby Valentine LowMeghan and Harry have decided to separate from their American communication agency sunshine Sachs. In reality, it is rather only Meghan who will have to mourn this particular help, because the company looked after her more. that of Harry.

Those who have followed the adventures of markle as an actress in the series Suits know that Keleigh Thomas Morgan, Partner at sunshine Sachs, was the shadow adviser to the Duchess of sussex. She has indeed always managed Meghan’s career since her role in the series through the couple’s arrival in California.

This is a very important decision for Meghan“, confided a source to the Daily Mail. Today, nothing explains why Meghan markle suddenly decided to do without the services of one of her allies in life. Except perhaps the financial aspect.She thinks it’s useless to pay so much for an agency to take care of their communication“, evokes this obviously well-informed source. As already mentioned, Harry and Meghan are financially independent from the Crown but the funds they have are not unlimited.