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Harry and Meghan are ‘disinvited’ from a ceremony ahead of the Queen’s funeral

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While Meghan and Harry’s recent appearance alongside Kate and William might have given the impression that all tensions within the royal family were over, this event may well throw oil on the fire again. The sussex were denied access to a ceremony of great importance planned just before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

This event has been organized by the new King Charles III and will bring together all the greatest leaders of this world, as well as a handpicked range of influential figures. It will take place the day before the Queen’s funeral, but it will be without Harry and Meghan.

the Telegram reports that Meghan and Harry would have received an invitation to attend this major ceremony. Then finally, they had to be uninvited. Because the event is ultimately only accessible to active members of the royal family. Which is no longer the case for Harry and Meghan. In 2020, the couple made the choice to give up their royal titles.

One more insult?

Harry and Meghan may be very disappointed. Since news of the queen’s death, they had to deal with several blows hard. For example, Harry was banned from wearing his military uniform during the funeral, due to his departure from the royal family. Still, the 38-year-old prince served 10 years in the British Army.

One wonders how the couple will react to this announcement and especially what place will he have at the funeral of the queen, scheduled for September 19, 2022.