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Halo: Paramount will bet big on the universe – Geeko

Although it received an overall negative reception, the first season of the Halo series was a huge success on the Paramount+ platform. Enough to raise awareness about the huge potential of the franchise.

Huge success on the Paramount+ platform in the United States, the television series Halo is now seen as a “franchise” by the American major. “It’s a saga that can be fully franchisedsaid David Nevins, the platform’s chief content officer. Not only because the universe is vast but because the reference materials are numerous. Halo has been declined in more than ten games, including spin-offs like ODST or Reach, but also in many novels.

“There are so many ways you can explore your universe. There are so many Halo games. Each has its own direction. Yeah, we’re starting to think of the show as a franchise, absolutely.”

Paramount has already confirmed the production of a second season for its Halo series. And we should not be surprised to see spin-off series land in the coming years, if success is still there.

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