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Gundrak: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Dungeon Guide – World of Warcraft Classic

Gundrak is a WoW dungeon in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is located in Northrend in the Zul’Drak zone. It is intended for characters from level 76 to 78. Gundrak offers 4 bosses in Normal mode: Slad’ran, Moorabi, Colossus Drakkari and finally Gal’ Darah. In Heroic difficulty, a fifth boss joins the party, Eck the Fierce. Find below the strategy to defeat the bosses as well as the map of Gundrak and the location of the monsters.

Access to Gal’ Darah is blocked by default. To make the bridge that gives access to it appear, you must click on the altars that are behind the first bosses and that overlook the central room. Don’t forget to activate the decorative elements, which will gradually cause stone monuments to fall from the ceiling, which will activate the bridge.

1. Guide to Gundrak

In WotLK’s time, Gundrak was a two-faced instance. Easy, too easy in Normal mode, but much more interesting in Heroic mode. In fact, just like the Nexus with Keristrasza, the bosses really come into their own in heroic mode when you add the little ability that makes the fight interesting.

On the boss side, starts very quickly Slad’ran from the first room after only 2 ridiculous packs. It’s a pretty tough boss. Normally, the techniques are so weak that there is no need to take care of anything, just burn the boss. In heroics, it’s another story and that’s good. First, the boss sends an AoE of poison a short distance around him, and this nova hurts extremely. So, it is necessary at all costs to leave the tank far from the rest of the group (too bad, we just needed him next to the group for the adds…).

Secondly, there are plenty of small snakes that spawn regularly (but really plenty). They have almost no life but still hurt quite a bit. In addition, they will quickly focus the healer. As a result, we will put at least one DPS on the adds to protect the healer. Even stronger, when you hit the little snakes, you can get cocooned, which stuns you for a relatively long time (and then, bam, the snakes immediately turn on the healer, of course). As a result, a second DPS must come to help from time to time when the first is stunned (ha yes, and when the 2nd is stunned too, it becomes critical).

In short, Slad’ran is a rather difficult boss: leave the tank far from the group and take two dps to be careful with the healer and the adds. Undoubtedly a difficult boss that requires good coordination and communication. Here is a good example of how a trivial boss in normal became very interesting in heroic.

We cross two small rooms with trash still as uninteresting to find ourselves in front of the second boss: the colossus drakkari. Completely laughable in normal: tank the colossus, tank the elemental when it pops, retank the colossus, retank the elemental and voila. In heroic mode, there is one more thing. When the elemental pops, the colossus starts throwing puddles of purple poison all over the room at a very rapid rate. As a result, the elementary phase is quite stressful, you have to move all the time. For a Druid, it passes quite easily. For a healed Paladin, it must be more difficult already. Suddenly, the fight is a little livelier and it’s funnier.

We continue to move forward, still without anything transcendent in terms of trash. We arrive in front of the third boss Moorabi. So he was ultra weak in normal, he remains ultra weak in hero. Absolutely nothing to say about him, he hits the tank and that’s it. When he transforms into a mammoth, he hits a little harder. And There you go.

Just behind the 3rd boss, you can take the small passage (very low ceiling) to reach the 4th boss, exclusive to heroic mode. He is named Eck the Fierce. A little annoying that one. Regularly, he resets his aggro table and charges another player. The tank must recover it as quickly as possible. Even more annoying, at 20%, he goes into a rage and hits super hard (big overheal on the tank), except that he continues to reset his aggro and hit another player and there it is. OS assured. Remember to save your cooldowns for the last 20 percent and blow it up then, the charges hurt. Ha yes, and also think about putting it back to the group…

We end with the last boss Gal’darah. First, some slightly nicer trash (/love mammoths) in the main room of the instance all the same. We climb the stairs and we arrive at the final boss. So he’s really a heroic boss: he hurts the tank a lot, he hits like a brute, the fight is intense. The healer will be focused almost exclusively on the tank, so the others, to your bandages.

The boss alternates between two phases: a human phase and a mammoth phase (well, that reminds me of something… Ha yes, all the troll bosses in fact). In human form, it makes a whirlwind that all the DPS cacs will have the good idea to avoid by moving away from the boss, and it summons a mammoth which charges, stuns and immobilizes a few moments, not much.

In mammoth form, it hurts much more on the tank, it can even sometimes go into berserk for 10 seconds and, the worst, it can impale a player on its horn, which prevents them from moving for 5 seconds. What if it’s the healer who gets impaled just when the tank takes big slaps? Well never mind, unless you have someone who can temporarily heal the tank.

2. Gundrak Map and Boss Locations