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Guess Elden Ring’s Toughest Boss Could Have Been Even Tougher

By digging into the data of‘Elden RingData Miners discovered that Malenia, the toughest boss in the game, started off with other skills, and was even tougher and harder to kill.

If you have played Elden Ringyou should definitely know Malenia, the sword of Miquella — this is the hardest and most difficult boss to beat in the game. Even though the fight is optional, it will probably take you hours, coupled with multiple tries , before overcoming this demi-goddess ofElden Ring (of which you can read our test here).

Yet, it could have been even worse. As noted by EuroGamer on August 1, 2022, Malenia initially had other skills and was intended to be stronger in the game. According to research by some Data Miners, the boss had other skills in the first version ofElden Ring.

Malenia could have been much more powerful than she is now. // Source: kotn3l

Much faster and even more aggressive

Data Miners have managed to access the very first version of the game: 1.0. This version was compiled on October 8, 2021, some time before a new patch was released to apply some fixes. Moreover, these data diggers have managed to identify many changes in the Underworld.

This is all explained in a YouTube video shared on July 9 on kotn3I’s channel. Inside the data of version 1.0 of the game, we see that a lot of modifications have been made on Elden Ring ; we observe the old locations of bosses, objects, but also the player’s interface. The descriptions of some spells are also not the same. But, what is most intriguing are the differences between the current Malenia, and that of this version 1.0, because she was so much stronger.

In addition to the rapid sequences of blows that Malenia carries, the boss would have been much more agile and much more unpredictable than it is currently. The Data Miners specify that the demi-goddess would, in addition, have had the possibility of parrying all attacks, and would have had almost no weak points.

Finally, and during the triggering of her second phase of the fight, Aenoia’s jumping movement would have been much more frequent than it is currently. Something to ironically reassure some players, who would already find the boss already very difficult.