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GTA 6: Rockstar would have revised its plans downwards

Game News GTA 6: Rockstar would have revised its plans downwards

Grand Theft Auto fans have recently had plenty of information about the next installment. As GTA 6 is gradually revealed, new information sheds light on Rockstar’s plans for its new game. The studio would have seen things big, very big even, before reversing its decision.

Finally some info for GTA 6

The wait is unbearable, players are getting impatient while Rockstar is particularly discreet about Grand Theft Auto VI. Expected like the messiah by some, almost nothing has been revealed about this opus, except that we know that the studio is working on it. So surprise when this month the community was finally getting some concrete news through journalist Jason Schreier.

Rockstar would have carried out a major cleaning within it in order to make the work of its developers more engaging, taking at the same time several decisions to make its games less offensive for minorities, for ever more inclusiveness. Decisions that would have had an impact on the development of GTA 6. This is why this title should offer to embody a woman, a character from Latin America. She would be one of the two protagonists of the game, the duo being inspired by the story of the famous criminal couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

In addition, we also learned this week that the game should take place in a city inspired by Miami, that the game would evolve over the years and that it would include new cities as we go.. If this information seems more than concrete in view of the sources having communicated it, additional news also comes to clarify Rockstar’s plans for its game. Originally, the studio would have liked to be much more ambitious.

The GTA we will never see

The information comes from Axios Gaming who claims to have received information about the studio’s initial plans for GTA 6 from an internal Rockstar source. According to this source, the game should have offered not two, but four protagonists from the launch of the game, then doing better than GTA 5 and its three main characters – Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Furthermore, the software should also have included several cities when it was released. However, the work carried out internally in the studio would have caused the teams to revise their plans.

This information partially confirms the latest news shared by Jason Schreier. The software should undoubtedly offer several cities, but you will have to wait for updates rather than having all the content as soon as it is released. Anyway, Rockstar certainly displays (and logically) great ambitions for the new opus of one of the most popular licenses in the history of video games. It only remains for the studio to confirm all of its statements and finally show a first preview of its next game. The first official response elements that may not arrive immediately, since some journalists speak of a release targeted for autumn 2024, or even during the year 2025.