You are currently viewing GTA 6: he tries to buy the source code from the pirate and sends 100,000 dollars to a scammer

GTA 6: he tries to buy the source code from the pirate and sends 100,000 dollars to a scammer

Following the gigantic leak of GTA 6 this weekend, the case continues to see many twists and turns. Taking advantage of the general confusion, scammers claim to be the pirate who took the source code of the game to collect offers from other interested people. According to some sources, one of the victims would have poured 100,000 dollars in Bitcoin to get his hands on the precious sesame.

This is a historic moment in video game history. Rarely have we seen a leak of such magnitude around a game, so long before its release. This weekend, a hacker by the name of TeaPot managed to get his hands on no less than 90 videos and images of GTA 6, before revealing them on social networks. It didn’t take more to provoke a general panicboth at Rockstar and among gamers and journalists.

It must be said that TeaPot is now in a position of choice, since it has the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6. Of course, it does not intend to keep these for its simple pleasure, but to push Rockstar to pay a ransom to avoid another disastrous leak. On the other hand, many hackers are also interested in source codes, which they could use to release free (or malware-infected, as you prefer) versions of games.

He’s throwing $100,000 out the window thinking he’s buying GTA 6 source code

In the midst of this immense confusion, some of course see this as an opportunity to get their money’s worth. denial, saying they want to get in direct contact with Rockstar to discuss the ransom — malicious people are now pretending to be him in order to recover the crazy sums proposed by the buyers.

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Thus, according to several sources, including reputable leaker Tom Henderson, one of these transactions would have reached $100,000. Problem: the buyer would have simply been scammed, by sending his Bitcoins to the wrong wallet. TeaPot has also confirmed that a stranger has indeed posed as him to the “victim”. One thing is for sure, we haven’t finished hearing about the GTA 6 hack.