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GTA: 26 Secrets About Rockstar’s License

Game news GTA: 26 Secrets About Rockstar’s License

The sixth title of the Grand Theft Auto license is long overdue. With him, we will enter a sixth generation of banditry. While waiting to be able to learn more about this latest game, we invite you to discover X secrets about the license in this JV FACTS.

The birth of a genre

The Grand Theft Auto license was launched in 1997. More than fifteen games have made the license grow, through five distinct generations. Each new numbered title comes to frame a generation of games, always bringing new elements. A sixth generation is on the way, GTA 6 is already highly anticipated, although we won’t see it anytime soon. Through its various games, the license has offered its players great freedom of more or less legal action: robberies, thefts, settling of scores, frantic chases through the city… Nothing is impossible in the saga. Grand Theft Auto, and more particularly GTA 3, marked the video game industry. Subsequently, all other licenses using the same elements are nicknamed “GTA-like”, emphasizing that the cult saga of Rockstar is the origin.

Revolutionary freedom for the sector

The elements that made the success of the saga also created some controversy when the various titles were released. The game is after all about committing as many crimes as possible. In France, for example, many parents’ associations were offended by the general violence of GTA, not appreciating the “questionable values” of the game and judging that it could have a bad influence on players. In the United States, several lawsuits have been brought against the publisher Rockstar for these same reasons, without much success. An apparent lack of morality which did not hinder the success of Grand Theft Auto and which above all allowed Rockstar to make people talk about its games.