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Great Britain: This aristocrat is 30 times richer than the new king

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BritainThis aristocrat is 30 times richer than the new king

Endowed with a large fortune, King Charles III is not the richest aristocrat in Great Britain. This title goes to a young man of 31 years.

Hugh Grosvenor is close to Prince William.


Charles III is certainly not to be pitied, but those who thought that the new king would inherit the largest fortune in the United Kingdom will have to review their copy. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her fortune of 370 million pounds (426 million euros) will be distributed among her children.

Unsurprisingly, this personal wealth appears to be significant compared to that of an average family, but modest compared to that of the great British fortunes, including certain aristocrats. Thus, Hugh Grosvenor, 31 years old and Duke of Westminster, is at the head of a fortune exceeding 10 billion pounds, more than 30 times that of the Windsors.

The one who inherited the title from his father who died in 2016 is the largest aristocratic fortune in the United Kingdom, thanks in particular to a gigantic real estate empire. In addition to palaces and residences in central London, the family owns properties in around 60 cities around the world.

Prince George’s Godfather

However, the young duke does not have a lifestyle in line with his colossal assets. He went to public school and is not distinguished by his opulence. He also does not hesitate to give part of his money, as during the Covid crisis when he financed the NHS, the British health system, to the tune of several million pounds.

It should also be noted that Hugh Grosvenor is close to the British Crown, in particular Prince William. He is the godfather of Prince George, now second in line to the throne of Great Britain…