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Google will kill its Street View application – Geeko

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The functionality will obviously remain accessible from Google Maps and Earth.

Everyone has already done the exercise at least once on their computer: trying to find their house in Google Maps using Street View. Launched in 2007 in addition to Maps and Earth, the feature benefited from the launch of a dedicated application in 2015 on Android and iOS. Only here, the Californian firm has announced that it will end support for the application within several weeks.

It was 9To5Google who unearthed the information in a press release related to Google Maps. “Street View app disappears”says the spokesperson for the service, Madison Gouveia. “The app is disappearing and support will end on March 21, 2023. To post your own 360 video, upgrade to Street View Studio. To display Street View and add photo spheres, use Google Maps.”

With the Street View application, Google allows you to find yourself in the middle of Times Square while staying on your sofa. In addition, travelers and 360° photo enthusiasts could contribute by publishing their “photo spheres” from the application. This will always be possible, with Street View Studio.

The press release does not explain why Google is removing this app. We can easily assume that its use was far too low in comparison with the same functionality on Earth and Maps.

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