You are currently viewing Google Pixel 6a: you can try the Android 13 beta now

Google Pixel 6a: you can try the Android 13 beta now

The Google Pixel 6a has only been available for a few days, but it too is now ready to receive the Android 13 beta. Here’s how.

The back of the Google Pixel 6a // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

In the world of tech, we appreciate when things go quickly and that’s the case here. Barely released, the Pixel 6a is already entitled to a taste of Android 13 as well. The beta that has just passed in its latest version is now available for Google’s mid-range device and now allows you to discover the new features of the platform that await us for the start of the school year.

Early access to the welcome Android beta program

To get a pre-release version of Android 13, just go to the beta program site, sign in to your Google Account, and sign up there to receive the update on your Google Pixel 6a. Don’t forget to make a backup before installing the beta, you can never be careful enough.

Among the new features offered by Android 13, we find the customization of the color of the icons, better support for tablets, folding smartphones, and computers, more confidentiality or even less intrusive notifications.

If you’re more the type to wait for the stable version, Google recently launched an update for its smartphone that adds an essential feature without which a Google smartphone would not be completely itself. Deployment is in progress.

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