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Google Pixel 6a: DXOMark confirms its photo prowess

DXOMark places the Pixel 6a in second place in its ranking of the best photo smartphones between 400 and 600 euros. Google’s phone is more than ever an excellent choice for low-budget photography.

The Google Pixel 6a photo block // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

When it comes to photography, phones under the $600 mark are generally no arrows. With one exception, which we often mention in our columns: the Pixel 6 findable at this price, which takes advantage of the black magic of Google’s algorithms. Unsurprisingly, the very recent Google Pixel 6a is just as attractive on this point as our test showed.

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The rating given by DXOMark confirms our good impression. The Pixel 6a peaks in second place in the 400 to 600 euro segment with a score of 130. A real performance that places it just two small points behind the Pixel 6, all at a price of 459 euros much lower than the 600 to 650 euros at which its eldest is negotiated. In addition, it is only a stone’s throw from ultra premium phones around 1000 euros such as the Huawei P50 Pro with its score of 144 or the iPhone 13 Pro (999 euros) and its score of 137.

Google alone in the lead

If we are to believe the DXOMark tests, in the 400 to 600 euro segment, Google is therefore far ahead of the competition since the two third tied on the podium are the iPhone SE 2022 and the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G with 118 points. They are therefore 12 points from Pixel 6a and 14 from Pixel 6.

In detail, DXOMark salutes a good photo and video quality, in particular on the sharpness of objects in the background, a good exposure coupled with a good HDR, precise colors and effective video stabilization. As for what can be improved, the Boulogne Billancourt firm mentions a zoom to be reviewed, a lot of noise in the shadows and a loss of quality in the details compared to the Pixel 6. The photos in low light could also be improved according to DXO.

Let’s also add that the Pixel 6a’s screen, despite its disappointing 60 Hz refresh, obtains the beautiful score of 86, placing it on a par with the iPhone SE 2022 in fifth place among smartphones from 400 to 600 euros, and at all just one point from Pixel 6 and its score of 87. In particular, a little low brightness under strong sunlight or even difficulties in displaying videos in HDR in the dark.

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