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Google Photos: a big update is taking place, here are the new features

Google has made a major update to Google Photos, especially the “Memories” carousel. On the program: memories that are easier to share, more suggested videos and new collages

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This is the biggest update to “Memories” ever since its launch three years ago, says Google. This carousel available on the top main interface of Google Photos immerses you in your old memories via a selection of photos that you can then scroll through. For a good dose of nostalgia.

In September 2022, the Californian group added many new features via an update currently being deployed. To start, “Memories” will choose to show you more videos. More than that, it will also highlight the best clips from your longest videos.

A new zoomed effect of the most beautiful effect

Google says it wants you to relive the most meaningful moments. As for still photos, a new zoomed effect is now included, in order to “to bring movementto your memory. The Mountain View firm shows us all this on video with a concrete example, which, let’s say, is of the most beautiful effect.

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Next month, instrumental music – without voice, therefore – will also appear on certain photos. We imagine that Google will seek to accentuate the nostalgic aspect, for example, of an image. Also, a new feature called “Styles” adds a frame that should remind you of your elementary, middle or high school years.

A wider share

The Mountain View firm adds a new sharing option to “Memories”: no more sharing a single photo with a loved one, it will now be possible to send them the entire memory – generally made up of several dozen photos – via the “Share the memory” button. This function is already available and functional after verification.

google photo collage
Source: Google

However, it remains exclusive to Android devices at first. For iOS users and the Web, it will still have to wait – Google does not say how long. Finally, new collages with various styles (colored, rounded, filmstrip) are appearing on Android and iOS. We haven’t been able to experience them yet.

In any case, remember to check if your Google Photos application is eligible for an update. If so, we advise you to download it to take advantage of all these new features.

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