You are currently viewing Google Maps will allow you to fly over monuments – Geeko

Google Maps will allow you to fly over monuments – Geeko

“Photorealistic aerial views” are now available on Google Maps.

Google has updated Maps with new features. Nearly one hundred landmarks will soon be added to the Maps app from cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. Similar to Apple Maps’ Flyover feature, these will allow users to enjoy aerial views of many cities around the world.

The new “immersive view”

“The summer travel season is in full swing, and people are turning to Google Maps to plan their trips and find useful information about the places they plan to visit – like the opening time of a place and its location. attendance. This is the first step towards launching Immersive View – an experience that combines AI with billions of high-definition Street View, satellite and aerial images”said Google.

The aerial views are a taste of the launch of the “immersive view”. The company presented this new feature at the Google I/O conference last May. It offers to see the most famous buildings of a city and even the interior of certain stores or restaurants. The goal is to offer users a digital model of the world and a new way to explore it. It is therefore possible to visit places virtually.

Discover from the air

The aerial view feature is currently limited to landmarks, but, during the Google I/O conference, the company mentioned that it plans to apply it to restaurants and neighborhoods as well. To take advantage of this new feature, simply search for a landmark in Google Maps and go to the “Photos” section.

According to a blog post by Google Maps Product Manager Amanda Leicht Moore, the new aerial views are now available globally on iOS and Android.

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