Google launches the Strike Removal program, courses to recover “points” lost with the suspension of apps

GoogleMany developers can happen to receive suspensions of their applications published on the Play Store for various reasons, generally related to violations considered “low risk” such as IP violations or anti-spam policy violations, to arrive at much more serious situations related to the spread of malware. These suspensions are counted by Google as warnings and, above a certain number, the search giant can go so far as to close the Google Play developer account, much like it works with the points license. Now Google, listening to suggestions from the developers themselves, has launched a pilot program, called Strike Removal (removal of warnings) which, just like it works with courses for license points, allows you to remove warnings through the lessons. As Mountain View itself states, the program aims to “help train appropriate developers and assess and increase their understanding of regulatory compliance.” Eligible developers are developers who have not committed serious violations and account for almost 2 out of 3 suspensions. The courses are already very popular on the Google Play Academy, and to complete the process, you need to pass an assessment exam.

Being a pilot program, it is invite-only and works like this: eligible developers will receive an email regarding their participation in the program to override the warning count. The training course does not have to be completed immediately, and at the end you will have three chances to pass the assessment, which has an expiration date. The process should take 30 to 60 minutes. Within 48 hours of passing the review, Google will remove the “app warning count (provided the developer account is in good standing and has not been terminated).”. All this will not affect the calls, which will remain unchanged. Google states that

Developers will be able to remove email-related warnings only, not all warnings received, but if further suspensions are received within 24 hours of the qualifying warning, successful completion of training and assessment may void the number of warnings even on these applications.

According to Google, this new program will be a new way to work with developers to resolve policy issues and help them keep their apps on the Play Store while maintaining a secure experience for all users.